Rajendra Pathak

Keeping the traditional art form alive

by Rajendra Pathak

Rajendra Pathak 2

I was brought up in the Brahmin family with limited means. At a young age, I was intrigued by every aspect of nature: its colours and shades and the mysterious presentation of lines and curves. I believe that art was my destiny and I worked hard to make this a reality for me.

In the early days, I painted only using watercolours. After receiving a Diploma in Arts from I.G.D. Bombay, I worked as a workshop supervisor and teaching assistant for the R.T Group in Dehli where I first encountered  batik.

Enchanting cosmos in batik

Not knowing what batik was initially, I had to ask the 100 young students in the workshop to explain its technique and art form.  I began to experiment colours, wax and fire and with time my confidence grew. In batik, I see the thrilling horse-like motion in molten wax. The dynamic colours enriched my dream world. Batik painting took a new shape to my life.  I have always wanted to depict Indian culture, religion and simplicity through my art. Batik painting became my new religion, my cosmos and my love. I vow to keep this traditional art form alive and continue to spread its beauty.

Rajendra Pathak