In this issue of myBatik Magazine, August is the month for Muslim fasting, Hari Raya Aidilfitri,  Moon Cake festival and National Independent Day. I am proud to be here in Malaysia, to celebrate so much of cuture celebrations.

Due to the multi races and multi culture in Malaysia, that’s why Malaysia Batik is so colourful and vibrant.

Basically I look at Batik design and pattern around the world, very much related with the artists’ living environment. You will find the Batik in Africa is very much into animals prints, whereas Batik in China, India, Singapore….  When you look at the print, it can tell….

After the second myBatik tour to Bangkok International Fashion, Textile, Leather Fair 2012 in Thailand, our next destination in October 2012 is India, for the World Craft Council Conference and Exhibition. We are going to take you all over the world to show you the hard truth how batik is produce and make. Log on to to find out more.

The new trend in the business, ONLINE PORTAL, a good news for the home batik makers, please do join us in, to grow the home made batik into globalization.

Well, we’re about to do it again, go deeper and deeper in the batik industry. Produce more and more meaningful articles to lead the industry. I think this is a pretty good ideas with articles from all different countries contributing writers, this really help a lot. Why should we publish those articles which can easily find online?

So I am asking you – please do write to me, at , tell me which session you love to read in myBatik magzine.  I’d have a harder time looking at myself in the mirror if I didn’t bring you the biggest story in Batik today.

Thank you so much for the continuous support since the first publication in 2007 till date.  More news from us, please go to or

See you after Raya…


TMS ART GALLERY ( is the publisher behind the myBatik magazine which was  established in 2003 until now. As the owner of this Batik company, I am surprised to see the changes in the market trend over the past 10 years.

Previously, social media was not A MUST for companies and businesses, but now a business can grow globally with the help of social media. For example AirAsia, which was founded in Malaysia in 1993 now has a coverage of more than 78 destinations and 25 countries. Everyone can travel easily by simply clicking on the internet.

Recently, the Malaysian government combined tourism & culture under the new name of Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia.  In 1999 Malaysia’s success was noted when it hit a record of more than 7.4 million tourists with the launch of a worldwide campaign called “Malaysia, Truly Asia”.  In 2012 Malaysia recorded the arrival of 25.03 million tourists, generating 60.6 billion ringgits. Last year the United Nation World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) listed Malaysia as the 10th most visited country.

Coming back to batik again, batik is no longer a must for the government or for official functions. However it is ‘a must’ that visitors bring home a batik souvenir when leaving Malaysia. Of course, there are several reasons why batik would be the most welcoming of souvenir items compared to other Malaysian arts & crafts.

For example:-

  1. Easy to carry – without taking up much of your luggage space.
  2. Multifunctional – as fashion items or home furnishing products like table cloths and wall hangings.
  3. Unisex – a piece of batik fabric is no longer specific to men or women.  One  2.5 meter piece of menswear fabric can also be turned into a pareo for women.  It all depends on how creative and innovative you are, and how fashionable your wardrobe is.
  4. Uniqueness – every single handmade item is unique.  This is an important issue for consumers who purchase souvenirs for their friends overseas.

6 years ago, September 2007 was a very special month with the launch of the inaugural issue of myBatik magazine. Since then we have featured many textile designers and artists from around the world.  As we look forward to celebrating yet another year of success with our readers, loyal supporters and associates, let us also make it a point to take stock of how far we’ve come and where we want to be.

I am pleased and proud to have been part of much of this magazine’s journey thus far.


Emilia  Tan

Managing Editor

How time flies!

This is the second issue of myBatik for 2012, and we are almost half way through the year already. We have just celebrated the National Craft Day of Malaysia, the myBatik Fashion Show for the Secretaries Week on 24 April 2012 and a most memorable myBatik Tour to Jakarta for Inacraft 2012.

During my recent visit to the Malaysia National Craft Day and the Indonesian Inacraft Exhibition, I realised that branding awareness is becoming more prevalent now. Batik producers are selling more creative and innovative products than last year although prices are slightly higher now due to the costs of the raw materials. As I have said before, product development and item branding is very important. Nowadays, Batik producers generally have the proper label for their batik products. The trademark of each product is the intellectual property of the creator to avoid plagiarism. Producers should never forget to invest in advertisements, to do research into the markets and to use the social media to interact with their buyers.

Congratulations to Royal Songket Terengganu, Jadi Batek, YNR Batik, Karyaneka, myBatik, Nordin Batik and Kelvin’s Gem for the successful launch of their new collections in conjunction with the myBatik Fashion Show during the Secretaries Week at the Eastin Hotel.

Thank you so much to the Association of Exporters and Producers of Indonesian Handicraft and PT Media Tama for their kind support in teaming up with myBatik to bring batik to the world stage. The myBatik Special Edition for INCRAFT 2012 was successful launched on 25 April 2012 at Jakarta Convention Centre. We are proud to be the Official Media Partner of INACRAFT 2012. The INACRAFT showcasing of 1,200 distinguished batik handicraft companies from the different provinces of Indonesia, really amazed the world.

As a result, myBatik magazine is expanding its distribution and circulation into the Indonesia market now.

For the coming months, everyone in the batik industry is busy preparing their batik fabric for the Raya month, which falls in August this year. So please take note, Batik lovers- get your batik fabric earlier and send out for tailors to avoid any disappointment with last minute tailoring services.

Due to the great demand and support from the fans of myBatik, we came out with the idea of myBatik Tours- another success story following myBatik magazine, myBatik Cafe, myBatik Gallery & We are working on tours to visit all the different Batik cities like Jakarta, Pekalongan, Surin, Tokyo and Kunming on a quarterly basis.

Before the busy Raya preparations, why not take a break with a myBatik Tour? Join us for the Bangkok International Fashion & Textile & Leather Exhibition on 27 June 2012. To learn more about this tour, please go to

More good news to share is that, since the launch of myBatik magazine in 2007, our subscription readership is increasing 50% every year. The platform of myBatik Magazine is become bigger and stronger.

The myBatik Cafe is putting on different kinds of batik activities to spice up your days. Please visit our Facebook page and redeem the free coffee coupon- We serve local black coffee, and Italian coffee lavazza. For tea lovers, we have Dilmah tea from Sri Lanka.

See you in the myBatik café- and a Happy Mother’s Day in May & Father’s Day in June.


Emilia Tan

Managing Director & Publisher


I still can recall the first time that I painted a piece of batik, with my batik teacher, Fatimah Chik, at the Malaysian Institute of Art in 2002.

Looking back these past 10 years or so, this is a very different world now in 2013.

It is nice to see how myBatik has grown from a home- based business into the myBatik Visitor Centre, complete with batik workshop, café, tailoring & showroom.

Being a traveler is part of my dream, and I do it as often as possible to get inspiration, instead of just sitting to sketch or hiding myself in the workshop to paint batik..

From my recent trips to the India International Handloom Fair, Bangkok International Fashion Fair (BIFF & BIL) and the Indonesia Handicraft Fair (INACRAFT), I have seen that each country has its own significance and uniqueness.

Hand-made items are one of the most significant trends right now and in the future. If you think that machine-made is a competitor for the hand-made market, I think that you may be wrong. Provided that the quality is there, that pricing is affordable and the packaging is attractive, people still prefer hand-made goods, like hand-made soap, hand-made cookies and hand-made paper.

In general, the use of the digital printing machine has made the textile industry boom in these last years, but this is for the mass market. I believe that it will give the consumers who like to be unique more reason to buy hand-made fabrics. Right now we are thinking positive in every single challenge we meet.

If you’re stuck for Batik inspiration, hopefully myBatik Magazine can be just what you’re looking for. We select talented batik artists from all around the world and invite them to share their amazing creations with us.  And they teach us that there are no short cuts in life and that learning is all about experience.

Last but not least, Happy Parents’ Day!  We hope to see you on 15 June, Saturday 3pm, for the Happy Parents’ Day High Tea at myBatik Visitor Centre .

( For more information, please log on to FACEBOOK: MyBatikVisitorCentre )

Best Regards

Emilia Tan

Managing Editor